Which Tonneau Cover? Looking for advice

Most times when "US" or "USA" is part of the name it ends up being a China knockoff product, as is the case with this one. I'm not surprised it's less expensive than US-based Retrax.

That being said, I have plenty of crap made in China... Hard to get away from it nowadays, unfortunately.

Yes, unfortunately it is made in China. I actually contacted 2 local businesses for Retrax quotes and if they could have even gotten reasonably close I would have bought the Retrax.
Have you considered the Peragon? It's not a tri-fold but it is an interesting option - it's what I just ordered after feedback on here. If you're dead-set on the tri-fold then don't bother.
I ordered the Peragon, looks great and easy open and close, plus easy to remove compleatly I avoided the tri fold as it's not likely to be able to fully open from the ground due to weight and bed height and did not want to block back window when fully open.
Thanks. Does anyone with the switchback have a picture with the cover folded ?


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