How much is everyone overpaying for diesel today?

Paid 3.55 in North East Ohio- Youngstown--Loves Truck Stop
Filled up last week at $3.89. Kroger right around the corner from my office is now at $3.59, keep going down baby.

Put 442 gallons in my boat Monday with offroad diesel at $3.15

WTI is right at 70ish per barrel now, was in the high 60's earlier in the week.
$3.70 ish in Carson City, NV. Same as 87 octane. Normally diesel is $1.00 more. I hope it's this cheap when I need to travel with a trailer this summer.
$3.22/gal outside of Houston.
$3.04 is cheapest I’ve seen in Denver. QT station in Parker.
Cheers 🍻
This is about the lowest nearby. (I had $0.15/ gallon discount on top of that, but still..)
Diesel is $3.89 in Newnan GA. Still $1 more than 87. Big factor is ordering a 7.3 and selling my 6.7.
$4.00 in New Jersey
Yep its on the way up again.
Prices definitely up again here now too, and trending up unfortunately. (n)
I’ve been paying for 93 octane for almost 9 years now only 6.2L Chevy. Diesel might end up be slightly cheaper at times 🤣
I'm in San Diego this week. $5.299 for diesel, and the same for 87 unleaded at the Chevron next to the Naval Base. I did see $4.799 for unleaded at a nearby Shell, but they didn't have diesel. This will make me grateful to return home to Arizona this weekend, but now diesel has risen to around $4/gallon there (up around 35 cents a gallon over the past couple of weeks).

It's headed the wrong direction.....
$2.97 per gallon. Trending down here
Jumped up to $3.29/gal this last week. Like most commodities, they go down slow, then spike up for make up a reason. Cheers 🍻
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