Hooves update

Whole forums got ur back brotha. You’ve got plenty “Tremor Boy’z” here in Tx that got you! So you ever need anything just reach out!

Fellas be like Hooves and stay on top of your health so you’re prepared to whip ass! I know most of us guys tend to not give a shit about the Dr. Knowledge and early diagnosis is key!
Lost a bro in law at 51 to colon
Other brother in law 41 at the Mayo now for osteo sarcoma. 🖕 C!!!
Damn. Not what anyone wants to hear, but thanks for sharing the news. Now, we can collectively pray for you! Stay strong and lean on God.
Prayers for you and the medical team you have to kick the cancer and be back to good health!
Everyone, I would appreciate your prayers. Just got out of my checkup and it's metasticized to a different area in my body. My previous checkup I thought I was completely out of the woods.

I'm at a loss for words; my heart sank when hearing the news.
Sorry to hear this, will be praying for sure.
Beating cancer is as much about attitude as it is medicine. Your leadership in this forum is a testament to the strength of your character and willingness to share and help others like us. We will do our part with prayers and support and with you handling the attitude part the road to recovery is but a Tremor trail away and in sight.
Sorry to read this and praying for your strength and willingness to beat this horrible disease. We have a family member with a similar situation thinking they were doing well only to find out that it moved and grew. I have plenty of prayers for both.

Fuck Cancer!
At a loss, thinking and praying for you brother. Your Tremor family is here for you.

Prayers sent your way! Keep strong and hit it with all you got!
You’re an inspiration for all of us!
Hey @BroncOh, I just went through every comment added since your update earlier. You have a whole lot of good people standing shoulder to shoulder with you in this battle. Sharing your situation has touched many of us deeply as we recognize and share in the gravity of your situation. We care more than you know and want to do our part. We see you as a strong example and a person who cares for others. And we want to stand strong with you. Trust God, know that He has big plans for you. He’s not off somewhere distracted from your situation. Nothing is beyond His control or outside His reach. Remember, you are His handy work. Everything you go through in life shapes you for His purpose. 🙏🙏🙏
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