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2023 Ford Bronco Outer Banks edition. We have recently painted the fender flares white. Also powder coated the silver bead lock rings black to match the wheels. Contemplating whether to paint the top white also.

At 2026 miles on it the 2.7Ltr engine started sounding like a diesel for about 15 seconds, when you first cranked it up. Cam Phaser problems. My local dealer installed a brand new 2.7L engine in it and now all is good....for now.

2017 Mercedes AMG C63-S Convertible 4.0 Ltr Bi Turbo with stage 3 tune = 635 HP. 17000 miles


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My Dad gave me a 55 F100 when I was 14 years old. It was canary yellow with a straight 6 , 3 on the tree. it had about agallon of bondo on the front fenders...but the paint looked pretty good. It about a half round of slack in the steering wheel and was some thing you had to drive to keep it in the road. I would have to put a quart of oil in it to got to school and a quart to get back home...rear main seal was pouring it out. My uncle had a 67 cougar and he wrecked it and let me have it if I paid the wrecker bill. It had a 289 HP with a C4 auto tranny.
I took the motor and tranny out of that car and got a old mechanic to help me get that 6 cylinder out put it in that 289 in it. WE put a 9-inch rear in it also. It had a set of Thrush glass packs right off the headers...you could not hear your self think it was so loud in the cab
When I retired I went on hunt for a few years and finally found a 55 F-100 that was in good shape.
Wow, I also had a 67 cougar, also 289 with C4, traded it for a "brand new" Topaz. What a huge mistake. I learned to drive a manual with 3 on the tree, a 63 Ford Falcon. 😁
Wow, I also had a 67 cougar, also 289 with C4, traded it for a "brand new" Topaz. What a huge mistake. I learned to drive a manual with 3 on the tree, a 63 Ford Falcon. 😁
I had a 67 cougar too. 🤪
Well now I cannot compete with the previous post...so I am not even gonna try.

This is my baby.
Most of the upgrade to the 1955 F-100 came from a 2003 SVT Terminator Mustang Cobra.
2003 & 2004 Ford released a 4.6L V8 (32 Valve 4 cam) with a Super Charger from the factory with a T56 Tremac six speed tranny and independent suspension rear end.
The engine has been bored and stoked to 5.01Ltr, swapped to a 110MM throttle body and has a hot tune with bigger over-drive pulley for the super charger. Dyno 612Hp on the crank. Borla exhaust out the back.

The original F100 frame has been fully boxed and powder coated RED. Front end has a Heidts Mustang ll with coil overs with Rack n Pinion power steering.
The rear end from the Mustang is independent with a 4.10 gear and can be seen through the Lexan mounted in the bed of the truck.
The 4 wheel disc brakes, BBS forged wheels and the gauges came from the 2003 Mustang
It has Vintage Air with Porche Lipstick Red Leather interior.
The paint color is called Tungsten T8. Ford released this color in 2006 on a GT40

Drives like a go-cart but it is way to light on the back end and it is hard to make it hook to the ground.
The truck weighs in a 3665lb. Lots of fun to drive.
I chase car shows with this truck when I can.
Fantastic looking truck, the 55 is one of my favorites and this one makes me want one even more.
Before I scrolled to see the pictures I thought I was going to see something like this:

This really only work in deep powder, and we don't get that much where I am in Maine. I'd like to try one though!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta love Maine, God made it pretty.