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Ceramic Window Tint

I stopped by a local shop after I picked up my truck last Friday and the owner was surprised to see how dark the factory tint was on the rear windows. He measured with a meter and it came out to 15.8%, where he typically sees ~25% on the factory Fords. I had planned to do ceramic on everything except the windshield, but he cautioned the rear could really darken up further and affect visibility, and it may not make sense to use a lighter film on the rear as the heat rejection drops off fast the lighter you go. Might just be doing the driver/passenger windows.

He uses the Llumar Pinnacle Series ceramic tint, anyone use Llumar on their trucks?
I know I'm late, but I use llumar pinnacle, and am very happy. I did 20% all the way around including over the factory. I didn't do my sunroof, because the 2020 template came out short on my 2021 (which was odd) and the guy that cuts it by hand (the owner) was out of town. I was supposed to go back, but work hasn't allowed that. Even the light ceramics shield a lot of the heat. if visibility is a concern, I would do like a 70% over your factory. keep in mind if you only do the front 2 it won't be an exact match, and I'm picky, so that would bother me LOL
I had all windows tinted with Llumar tint. The windshield using Air 80.

That's what all mine get as well. Air 80 on the front of our last 4-5 vehicles. I usually run 20% on the front sides and then have them match the back as close as possible (tinting over the factory to get close to 20% total). Ceramic tint helps a ton here in the south.
Anyone using Ceramic window tint? What has everyone been paying? I figured I better get tint applied since it will be 110⁰ F in St George before long and did not want to wait weeks in the heat for an appointment.

I went with ceramic window tint because I found online that it won’t fade, it’s metal-free so it won’t interfere with communications, and most of all it blocks the heat more effectively than standard tint.

I just dropped the truck off so I will update the brand of the ceramic, final price with tax, and add a picture after I pick it up later today.

The quote I received was for all of the windows at $505.00. The way this shop prices the tint is the full front window for $175.00 and the remaining glass at $330.00.

The front is full ceramic at 70%.

The front driver and passenger are 35% and the back driver, passenger, and rear glass will be 18% since they already have factory tint applied.

I have heard some people don’t like the tint applied to the front window saying when looking through the windshield with polarized sunglasses it looks odd. I just wanted some protection from the massive sheet of glass cooking the cab, hopefully, I won't need to pull it off.
$175 front 2 windows seems to be the norm.