23+ Center Console Organizer?

Mine showed up earlier than expected. Fits perfectly. I decided to cut out the center section to give access to the bin below without having to take it out, plus it makes room for a few taller things. Well worth the money.

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What are you using on the lower level? My low grade need for organization is creeping in.
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Do they make an equivalent one for the 20-22 models? I didn't see one on their Amazon page but I only took a quick look.
Mine showed up a couple days ago and I'm very satisfied with the fit and finish. I should note that it's just the slightest bit slippery and impairs access to the lower part of the storage bin while it slides through my fingers as I try to pull it up. :LOL:

My one minute solution was to thread a hook & loop cable tie through one of the charging cord slots to give me something to pull on. I'm confident I can invent more elegant and permanent variation on the theme but this works just fine for now.


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