2022 FUNNY Meme Thread

Bike Lane.jpg
That would be a good TOTM submission...
Well…. Tremors with rainbows definitely could have been June’s theme….
I refuse to look that up! :LOL:
I have no idea what means...I just write down words I hear my kids say and then string them all together in sentence when their friends are around...I usually get the red faced "Dad just stop" from my boys...
Call airpods ipods in front of their friends and watch them go crazy.
They drive me crazy from birth to 12...12-18 is my turn.:cool:
I've always said, they should have their own brand/type of cop car. Like UPS, when the truck is retired, they scrap it. No one but UPS can have them. At least for traffic cops, detectives and stuff can drive whatever but not give speeding tickets👍 😉