2023+ Platinum trim P/N

Installed with dyed stitching
I installed the Platinum trim side console leather trim pieces. The bronze thread when dyed with the Graphite Rit Dye turned out a little darker than the grey stitching of the Lariat trim but it works because it's damn near the same color as the leather itself. No more squeaking when my knee rests against the console now! It's always nice to be able to ditch some plastic and this certainly helps to dress up the interior some as well.



Fixing the squeak was the best part of this mod! Was driving me crazy

Agreed, that was worth the money spent in and of itself. Classing up the interior and ditching plastic was just an added bonus.
i wonder if the "frost grey" dye would be a better match?

Only one way to find out. That said, like suggested, it's probably best just to dye all of the stitching in the truck the same. That's what I plan to do.
Yes they are correct and you need both.