SOLD Set of 4 Tremor wheels with LT315/70R18 Geolandar M/T tires - $1600

Spacers are now sold. Wheels still available.

Local pickup only in Austin, TX area. Do not want to sell tires/rims separately.

No hub caps included. If you want a set of OEM open style lug nuts to go with them, including four matching OEM open style locking lug nuts, please let me know.

Set of four wheels: $2000
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I like the look of those tires on the OEM wheels! If we were closer I’d be licking my chops for them. In the meantime, Bump for great opportunity for someone to upgrade.👍
Bump. I may be willing to sell wheels individually for people who are wanting a matching spare Tremor wheel. This is the largest tire that will fit in the stock spare location as well. (No shipping).
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Bump. Final price drop to $1600 firm.

Need these gone.
I will take them. I'll DM you my info.
Wheels and lug nuts are now sold!
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