Newbie here from central NY - just ordered!


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Nov 29, 2020
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Binghamton, NY
Hey everyone, Paul here (as if you couldn't tell from my user name :)). Today, I placed my order for a new Tremor and feel like a kid on Christmas eve anxiously awaiting for morning to arrive. After pondering every single model and option, I finally nailed it down. My dealer said that their orders are taking between 6-8 weeks, and one truck just recently landed after 6 weeks and 3 days. So, hoping that "Christine", yes that's her name, will be here asap. Full disclosure, I do not need a F350 6.7 as I don't haul anything except cow feed and occasional items from Lowes. However, it's always been on my bucket list to buy a diesel and the Tremor package just pushed me over the top. Due to my job, I travel throughout the Northeast as I manage 4 plants in different states and figured the diesel should last me a long time while I rack up the mileage. I considered the 7.3 as it seemingly gets great reviews, but something about the 1050 ft lbs of torque will if nothing else make me feel more manly. Also, I can brag to former Army buddies who worship the "other" brands. I ordered the truck with the addition of the $3k warn winch option, and thankfully my dealer has installed several all ready. I plan to make this my Armeggedon truck ready for anything, anytime, anywhere. Oh, bring on the Zombie apocalypse too :p:LOL:. Here is my build sheet, and as you can see I chose lithium gray which should look good against the black appearance package. This seems like an awesome forum, and I look foward to learning a lot from all of you seasoned veterans. Cheers.


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Congrats, I ordered basically the same truck with the 7.3. You will love the truck.


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Awesome! You're going to love it! I ordered mine August 28, and it arrived last Tuesday.
Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on the order. She’s going to be a beautiful lady. I can attest first hand that that wait is painful but the reward more than worth it!
I failed to mention, my current ride is a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 6.2 carbon pro edition with performance package. It's roughly 435 hp and 469 ft lbs torque and will flat out haul butt which is the good part. Bad part, this is my second AT4 as the first was a lemon. And, this one is almost as bad as the transmission bangs and shifts sporadically along with the electronics working when they want to. The interior is cheap (knew this going into it of course), but since March when new it now rattles in places and quality seems below average at best. Really disappointed in the quality of the new GMC trucks. And, my dad was a diehard Ford guy and always had good luck with his trucks. My last Ford was an '18 Raptor, and I enjoyed that truck. I never should have left Ford, and will not sleep around on her again :cool:
Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service! ?? ?. You are going to love having the new powerstroke diesel. It's unreal how smooth the power delivery is on it! Gas mileage is also really impressive. Not only is this an awesome truck, but it's very comfortable for those long drives. Excellent build. (y)