Discount % off MSRP - How much did you all manage to get?

My 2021 that I ordered in January of 2021 and took delivery in March had an MSRP of $90,295. My quote was $84,500 minus any rebates. I got $2,500 in rebates so I paid $82,000 w/o TTL. So $8,295 off which is roughly a 9.1% discount. I have owned many Fords but this was my first time buying locally. Won’t be the last as I got a great deal I feel.
Got it in writing, thankfully. My lease is up in Feb next year, so hopefully it’s ready before then. Financing the ‘22.
That’s a great build sheet.
Pricing now is going to be a lot different than it was 6 months ago. Mine with 17k miles kbb Is worth $5k more than msrp.
Thanks! I actually added the UTT system after that build sheet, but I did pay around invoice for that option.
You will not regret that upgrade. It’s really an awesome feature