SOLD Brand new in box not used 21k lb Weight Safe WS-6 hitch w/3” shank


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Jul 16, 2020
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Hey guys, so when I traded my Raptor for the Tremor, I didn’t know the trailer hitch went from a 2” shank to a 3” shank. So I bought this brand new Weight Safe WS6-3 hitch with a 3” shank. It has the built in gauge, comes with 2” and 2 5/16” balls, etc. After buying it, I decided to get an anti-sway hitch for my 32 ft travel trailer. So I never even opened the box. I bought it from and I can return it but I lose tax, 15% restocking fee, and I pay return shipping. Since I’d be eating about $100 I thought I’d rather see if anyone on here wants it. If not I’ll return it to jegs. So I’m thinkIng $250 shipped, within the US. I’m in SoCal if anyone would want to pick it up. If you need more specs just search the model. I attached a pic of it in the unopened box and a pic of my invoice from jegs. In the invoice it shows the dark gray hitch but it’s the regular stainless color.
Hi, I would be interested in your Weigh Safe Hitch. Do you know the size of the drop 5"? If so is that enough on these Temors?
Opps! I see its already sold.