Regular Cab Duallies

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Feb 22, 2021
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Do any of you have YouTube channels?
If you would like to, leave a link/the channel name so that people can check it out!
I am really interested to see who has a channel and check out any channels that I am provided the link/name of!
I would also love to hear who your favorite YouTubers are!
Have a great day/night everyone!
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I have a few airplane vids. This one has 9500 views...
F-35 minimum radius turn CRANK UP THE SOUND!

Pretty damn loud, huh? Well, if you can hear him then you're already dead! :ROFLMAO:
i hear these fuckers all day long and they love going afterburners.....
I'll go ahead and add a shameless post for my fledgling youtube channel.

Nothing to do with trucks or Ford Tremors, my videos focus on my two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers dogs and any excursion I take them on. We go to the Farm, the Beach, Tent Camping in TX & AR, Boating on rivers & lakes and also just Backyard playing.
Mostly just family videos and machining stuff. Don't manage it much but throw one up everyonce in a while.

Favorite channels:
Donut operator
Angry Cops
Grimsmo Knives
Brandon Herrera
Free Range American Podcast
Cleared Hot Podcast (Andy Stumpf)
Black Rifle Coffee
Coffee or Die
History Guy
War Stories with Mark Felton
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