Wrecked Tremor thread.


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Feb 27, 2020
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The "estimated retail value" of almost $85K is out of line for a Lariat package Diesel Tremor, but I am sure someone will still buy it.
looked deeper into it, It is indeed a platinum. Just all black accessory’s
How in the world is that first one even remotely close to totaled? Must have some hidden damage or maybe a tweaked frame. But even then... still?
Might be it was water damaged, ran into a lake or pond??
The white King Ranch (#2) looks like a fairly easy fix. Sorta shocked that's a total. Looks like it rather gently rolled onto the side. There's no deflection up at the top of the doors where they meet the roof, and the truck sure looks otherwise square. Replace the blown airbags, and the bedside, doors, and fender on the one side. That's one that samcrac on youtube would do.

Of course it could be a train wreck in person.