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Jun 27, 2020
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So with all the winch talk and me actually needing to use mine with all the snow, I found my self having to scramble and piece stuff together to pull a friend out. Who or which recovery kit is the best? I’m looking at the Warn medium duty Epic kit. What is y’alls thoughts before I pull the trigger. Also what about the Synthetic D-rings anybody use them before ? Thanks! I want everything in one easy kit
I would check out YouTube. There is a wealth of information on a simple search of 4x4 recovery equipment, it really depends on your needs, budget, etc. I.e, winch extension rope, towing strap, kinetic rope or strap, pulley vs rope retention ring, hard vs soft shackles, etc. Although Warn makes some great stuff, I am not a fan of all the hard shackles for safety, unless necessary. The key is a variety (and duplicates) and it generally dependent budge and space. A good piece of equipment can be used over and over, some (generally cheap equipment) is recommended to stop using after so many uses. In my opinion, ARB, Factor 55, Yankum Rope, Bubba Rope, Crosby will all be on the top tier of recovery equipment. Understanding polyester vs nylon and their uses. I look for equipment manufactured, certified and tested in the USA. Quality equipment will be stamped or labeled similar to the pictures.
so for my kit i took the smitty built kit and added to it has
Tree strap
20 ft recovery strap
1 snatch block
2 d rings

what i added
another pair of gloves
2 more d rings
a 2 in hitch ring
2 snatch blocks
kinetic rope for pulls (like what Matt Offroad recovery uses as seen on You Tube.)
adjustable wrench
hitch pins
winch hook
Screwdriver Flat and Philips
Pry bar
Flash light

this is just my kit for using a winch

but i carry my impact and sockets and 2 jacks also have a hi lift jack but mainly for the jeep
Highly recommend Tactical Recovery Equipment

especially this snatch block

Look at factor 55. they have an entire recovery kit. several actually. their gear is top notch. you need to use a synthetic "shackle" when using a kinetic recovery rope or strap. Steel bow shackles are not rated for shock loads
I went with buying the parts and not a kit

Factor 55
2.5" Hitchlink - went with the 2.5" instead of the 3" thinking if I need to be pulled out finding a guy with a 3" receiver maybe difficult
Crosby shackle - USA made and very strong

These will last forever

4" tow strap x2
3" Tree saver
Recovery snatch block

I opted for the less expensive Rhino straps because straps have a tendency to get scuffed and scrapped on rocks in my area so I change them out often.

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