Who uses their 7.3 as a daily driver?

My DD and I love it. I left the tires at 60f/80r and the ride is really no different than my 19 F150 after I put E rated tires and air bags on it, ran the tires at 45 and bags at 5psi unloaded.

MPGs are between 12.5 and 14 with a good mix of in town and highway. First tow over the pass, camping for a week and back, averaged about 9 mpg.
I daily drive too, my only vehicle. Obviously not the most comfortable ride but it’s a Hd truck. I love it, wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Average 14mpg
I drive mine almost exclusively. After a careful 1,400 miles break in, I changed the engine oil and the rear diff oil. Now at about 5,500 miles and the mileage is getting better. The first 1400 I averaged 14.5, now averaging 15.5 (computer calculated) over a number of tanks of gas. I'm driving it pretty easy, but I cannot complain about the mileage. And I'd rather drive it than any of my other vehicles. It is also steering better than it did initially.
It’s my DD now. Honestly I enjoy it, does it get the best mileage? No but I’m a smiles per mile guy. I’m sub 500 miles in it but running the tire pressure at 45psi it rides much better than at the stock pressures. The 7.3 is much faster than my 5.3 was and the transmission/drive by wire is a lot more refined than my previous truck. The engine is well mannered and honestly I’ve not been above half throttle except when I want to smile. The truck is large so parking at times is tricky but backing in usually makes it easy.

but as far as 7.3 itself it’s well mannered and easy to drive.
Mine is a DD, and is my favorite to date and Ive had F150s, Ram, F250s. Just get excited every time I have a reason to go somewhere and drive her. MPG like others, 12.5-14, mixed driving, about 1800 miles so far. No regrets
Daily Driver here too. Like most I average between 11 and 14 depending on driving habbits. Lower the air pressure in the tires a bit and drive. It is my favorite truck Ive had to date.
Mine is my regular vehicle. My kid commented the other day that I had gotten use to its size as I'm driving normal again. I towed a light (about 3,000 pounds) trailer this weekend and it was like nothing was there. Our Suburban used to have to work to pull that trailer up hill.

Drawbacks? It's costing me time. People always want to talk about it.

Mileage? The best tank was 13.9 all freeway. It's getting an honest 12 in mixed driving.
I'm jealous of everyone using their Tremors as DD's! I've owned my truck about a month, and I just put gas in it for the first time on Saturday. The truck doesn't even have 400 miles on it yet. I look for reasons to drive it. This break-in period is taking FOREVER...
It's my DD and I love it. Coming from F150s and Jeeps it's remarkably easy to get used to and comfortable. Dropped the tire pressure as others have done and after the initial 1000 miles it drives smooth and predictable.

I drive with a pretty constant 1000 lbs in the bed and that makes a heck of a difference, it's now as comfortable as my f150 was.

Wouldn't trade it for anything on the road, I make up excuses to drive it ?
Daily driving my rig. My daughter loves how much taller she sits vs. most other vehicles. At 60/52 psi front and rear and still don’t have tread wear across the rear tires. Zero load in the bed. The mileage is what it is, but I am saving money as I can’t pull through nearly as many fast food drive throughs as I could with my 4Runner!
Daily driver and love it. Getting between 12 and 14 mpg. Can't say as I miss my 2016 F150 too much, other than gas mileage that I was getting at 22 -24 mpg with a Superchip.
I took delivery in March 2020, and daily drive it. Up to 15k miles now. I really love the 7.3L configuration, especially now with my custom Flowmaster exhaust! I never expected a Super Duty, big block with 4.30 gears and 35" tires to get good fuel mileage, so I'm good with my 13 MPG.
If your other vehicle is a 2 dr, short wheel based, lifted Jeep then these trucks ride like a dream.
I have to keep my tire pressure up because of towing 200 miles per week but still no complaint in ride quality.
DD for me too. I don't drive all that much, and I never-ever look at the fuel economy. I don't wanna know, or should I say reminded, Some things are best left alone .. not discussed. Like how much accessories cost. After its paid for, it doesn't cost a thing ..
DD for me too. I got it with 7 miles on January 30 and have 8,554 on it today. One oil change and tire rotation. And lots of dirt, sand and cow patties all over it. Coming from a 13' Raptor, it is taller, narrower, faster, tows more, hauls more, and looks better. I really only miss the manual shift on the center console shifter that was fun to use around town.

I love this truck!
Same, my DD when I can't ride one of the motorcycles to work (weather, kid duty, etc.).

Came from a CC 2009 Sierra 1500 with the 5.3.

Took about a week to get used to the increased length and turning radius. Better visibility with the Tremor due to tow mirrors, seat height, and camera. Almost like driving a commercial truck.

But, I've driven trucks my whole life with significant seat time in commercial vehicles and equipment, so the size wasn't intimidating.

I also live and work in the burbs and xburbs, so parking isn't an issue. If I was still in Chicagoland, things would be different. My GMC was too big for some places there.

TLDR... I love it.
I am planning to use my new 7.3 as my daily ride!

I often have to short trip and don't want to do that with my 6.7

fuel is getting expensive but for my mostly short trips it won't matter and the 87 is 25 cents less per gallon so Its a wash.

I can use the Ford app to pre start my truck in the winter.