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Who has installed LED's in their grille?

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Mar 1, 2020
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2020 F250 Tremor
I'd like to install some LED light bars in or behind my Tremor Lariat Sport grille and am wondering if anyone has done this yet? Specifically, how bad are shadows if the LED's are installed behind the thin vertical pieces of the grille? I don't really want to cut out those pieces. I also am not interested in LED bars protruding in front of the grill or on top of the bumper. Let's see what you all have done!
Also wondering about this I think Kd fab works is making a bracket but won’t work with adaptive cruse. I just put an order in for a platinum so am going to try to find a way to mount pods under the led factory fog lights hope to make something work.
I’ve seen rough country makes some for different models but don’t think they have anything for 2020’s yet.

hopefully I’ll find something soon before hunting season
I added the Rough Country inner grill LED bar in my Raptor but that kit was Raptor specific. Not sure if there’s a kit for the F250. At a minimum, you could buy the bar then rig up a bracket or mounting system. The light itself was ok. Not great but not bad. It’s priced very well! The lens did turn a little yellow after only one year though.
How about a bump on this........

I'm looking to see if anyone has a kit for putting two LED light bars inside the grill??? Specifically for a 2020 Platinum.