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Live life to it's Fullest Thanking GOD for it all
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Aug 23, 2020
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Long Island NY
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Hey David, I miss you my friend. We haven’t heard from you since right before or around Christmas. No Responses. I hope you are just n vacation loving life. You are always on n my prayers but I’ll say some extra ones for you just in case. We all miss you dude. Let us know you are ok or not. Happy New Year Dave-O’
Your brother from another mother, Don??????????????????????
Where are you brother? Shit !!! We need our fun loving Veteran MP Of The Good Ol United States AIR FORCE. We need to send out a search party. I’m NOT KIDDING. I’m adding you to the Prayer Thread now brother. You get back to us my friend. Please Pray For The Health And Protection Of Our Friend David B And His Sweet Wife. HOLY ANGELS WATCH OVER THEM
Your Friend and Brother From Another Mother,
Don ?