Whats the deal with Priorty Codes?


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Looking at a build sheet a dealer put together for me. Noticed it has a Priority Code of 80 assigned. Something to negotiate or discuss with the dealer (not sure if 80 is good or bad)?
It’s my understanding that the lower the better with 10 being the lowest you can go. My custom build had a priority of 10 and was placed in early May. It just finished being built the other day.

I’m not sure if it’s something that’s assigned by Ford or if the dealer can change it.
I ordered 2/10/20, was built 3/3, delivered 3/13. Just checked it was a priority code 10. Pre-COVID, but that was a fast turn around. I had a VIN on 2/14 and was scheduled to the day already. Not sure how it is assigned.
1-9 are assigned by Ford. The best a dealer can assign you is priority 10. I believe 80 is the status given when you configure your order. Once the dealer places your order, a true priority code is given. Customers that get a truck real fast usually take over a stock order that is already in the production process.
I thought the dealers could go from 10-20 on the priority codes.
10 is best they can do. 20 is for dealership inventory. 15 typical for customers orders. 80???? probably get you a 2022 model year I guess.
Well I got a backup. Two identical trucks, two different dealers... the race is on to see which one shows up first.


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