What size drop?


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Mar 31, 2021
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What size drop are you guys useing. I purchased a 10in drop 3in weigh safe only bc they were on sale on amazon for 124$. I think it will be okay but worried might be to long.
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Depends on trailer your wanting to tow.
Longer RV trailers won't require that kind of drop but short utility trailers will.

What do you plan to tow ?
I'm undecided on what hitch to get. The Weigh Safe hitches are really nice!
I've tested a 6" drop and found it's fine for my 5x8 utility, my 16' boat, and my little fishing dinghy. So I've ordered just the 6" drop adjustable weigh safe. You could cut any excess off that 10", although the lawyers in this would certainly recommend against that. ?
Ordered a 6" weigh safe, they delivered an 8" weigh safe. Thought about sending it back for the right one, but the bottom drop makes my small yard waste trailer sit just a hair nose high empty and when I use it on our 29' TT I raise it up one or two depending on tongue weight to get the trailer level. At 10", I would probably try it out with what you will be towing, see if it drags anywhere and then shorten it if needed.
That would drag on several job sites that I am working on. Its too long.
you should get some SUMO bags or something for the squat.

I got the 6" and its too short ( I know thats what she said ). 7 or 8 seems to be the ticket.
8” bulletproof here. It seems to be about the perfect size. Second shot is lowered to the lowest setting on flat ground.
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I’m pretty stoked. I ordered the same 8” drop and it arrives today! I also got the WDH adapter and am intrigued to see 1) how well it tows my 32’ TT and 2) if I can open my tailgate with the trailer attached.
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10 inch Weigh Safe for me. I bought it on a "scratch and dent" special after I bought a 5" BW that ended up being way to short for my trailer setup.
The Weigh Safe is clearly the premium unit. It's awfully hard on the wallet, though. LOL!

I have looked at pics of the B&W and the Bullet Proof like @legmar shows above. I'm probably gonna go Bullet Proof.