What happened to the bumps on the steering wheel switches



On my 2013 F150 it had the steering wheel with switches that controlled the radio, cruise control, and lots of other stuff. Just like my 2021 Tremor does. But the F150 buttons had bumps on them. To slow cruise control, you pressed the switch on the left with the little bump on the side. You, always, could tell just by touch what button you were pressing and you didn't have to take your eyes off the road to see where the button was. This truck has taken a step backwards. Put the bumps back on the dam buttons. Yes, I know it is a little more difficult to silkscreen the images on the switches, but it is safer with the bumps.

Sometime it is the smallest thing that bugs me.

I’m with ya. I always have to look at my wheel to adjust cruise control. Suppose I could dimple the buttons with a punch tool...
After several incidents of accidentally canceling cruise control instead of lowering my speed, I recently asked myself why Ford hadn’t thought to add bumps or change the button shapes (concave or convex).

It didn’t occur to me that they might have once had something like that, which they subsequently abandoned.
The cruise buttons kinda suck. My other cars are much easier to engage the cruise. I love the adaptive cruise and I seem to get better MPGs with cruise on but hate to look down each time and I drive two F350s ( you think I would learn how to do it with out looking :confused:). Most of the time I am on the highway with a trailer and like to use the cruise while towing to keep the speed constant. The problem is my trailers are huge and I have my head on a swivel always looking for a motorcycle or small cars sliding up on me.
The worse thing about cruise for me is that the buttons are different than my Mustang, though they're in the same place. I still have to look down to use them because of that fact...