What did you do to your Tremor today?

Found this on the Tufskinz website for 2023+......

Bought the 4Knines dog hammock and another manufacturer's door guards for my new puppy. Probably chew it up, but figure I'll give it a try.
Went for a bike ride with the dog near St Ignace, MI and needed to find some water to rinse her off. thank goodness for carpet delete!!

Stopped near the mighty Mac!!


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Finally got a small block of free time and did a quick detail on my new-to-me 2022. ...just in time for it to rain for the next four days.
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Installed the Gatorback mudflaps . Awesome quality and pretty simple installation.
Pic 3 = Aspiration reflections
Unfortunately caused a little damage. Not to the truck exactly but to the Retrax tonneau cover rail.

I was turning my 5th wheel in my culdesac, preparing to back into my driveway. Well... The bottom of the hitch mount that is welded to the 5th wheel hangs down a little too much.

I have the Anderson Ultimate hitch with the ball at it's highest position. The Retrax narrows the top of the need about 1" on both sides, so ~2" total. The hitch mount needs that 1 inch... And it crushed the rail....

Even if I chop those off, the bottom of the king pin mount will still be 1/8" or above the rail.

Anyone else have this issue? If so, how do you fix the hitch problem? I'm not sure what to do. I can make adjustments to the king pin but I feel that the level will always be extremely close to the rail.


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Used my Tremor to haul a pallet of wet mulch home from Lowe’s yesterday. Forgot to use the onboard scales but it was a damn heavy load. Had less than 1” to the bumpstops. Was on the rear part of the helper springs.

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With all due respect, your Tremor looks like it's handling that load like the badass it is, no trauma, no drama, as one would hope. Can't hardly tell it's hangin' low from the pic.

Props. 👍
Does it pull smoothly? You'll know if it ain't right... Trust me 🤣
Ended up pulling like a charm. Bit bouncy since I kept my back tires at 50psi though… and it could probably use some airbags if I’m gonna make a habit out of this. Hopefully not though that’s what the semi truck is for


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Since I removed the decals last week and didn't want to identify as a Tremor anymore, I've decided to transform back because, you know, you're allowed to do that nowadays.

Out with the old decal, in with the new. Ties in nicely with the wrap.

Purchased on Etsy by Four19Designs. Brian was very helpful. Highly recommend 👍




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