What are you currently driving?

I have a 2017 Ford Raptor & 2014 RAM 2500 Diesel. I'm planning on trading both trucks in for a Tremor F250 next year.


(Mine's the light grey one)

I drive a 2003 Excursion 7.3d 4x4
And a 2010 4 door Raptor 6.2 that i had made to order. I added RPG stage 4 suspension w adj 3.0 fox bypass shocks.
And hydraulic over loads.
Keeping my Raptor...selling my Excursion .
I currently drive a 2008 F250 with the 6.4 power stroke. It’s been a great truck, just time to get a new one.
2018 F350 6.7
2.5" Leveling kit with 35's.

Also have a '13 350 6.7, '14 250 6.2 gasser and '01 250 7.3. Bought the '14 250 gasser used and bought the other 2 new.

I'm currently driving a 2001 F250 7.3L 2WD XLT Crew Cab that is ready to be sold to the local "sod squad". It's been a great truck, but it's time to go.

Currently driving a 2008 Dodge Ram Mega Cab with the 5.7 Hemi. Been good to me at 125k right now, but time to upgrade as my towing needs have grown.


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2006 Ford F-350 SRW Short Bed 160K and after seeing some of these work orders for the new Tremors ,It looks like I will be driving this one for a while . But now in the market for a Nice Jeep M 715 if any body has a lead on one..