Weird Mildew Smell

Where is the evaporator port located to spray into?
Passenger wheel well area, on the firewall (move fender liner out of the way).


I had this briefly a week or two ago, it went away...we'll see when the rains start getting saucy again down here in FLL.
Ok, so i used the drain tube application process, and It did make a big difference. The smell was very faint and did not last but a second or two. I might do another application in future. I would recommend it.
How much of the can did you end up using?
You complain of mildew smell. I complain of weed smell on hot days. I swear someone smokes a bowl in my truck everyday during the summer. Part that bothers me the most is if I get pulled over within the first 15min of driving after work is the cop gonna think the same thing.
I would take the weed smell over mildew anyday. 😮‍💨
Does it drain back out of the tube afterward or just evaporate?
Drains out. If the vehicle is pointing downhill, the product won’t have as good of a chance to work.

Edit: accidentally had uphill instead of downhill.
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