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I’m not sure if I missed something a while back, but I haven’t seen my man @Iron Man commenting on here in a long time. I just want to be the first of what I believe will be many to say that I miss your comments, your honesty, and your true zest for life that comes through in every post you drop on here. I hope all is well with you @Iron Man and please come back whenever you get a chance. You are truly missed. Love you brother Don! ???????
I have to say that I’ve belonged to a lot of forums in the past and this place by far in the best. I really get a feeling of family here and stuff like this thread really shows it. I think Ironman knows that and when he sees this thread he will be delighted
I have not heard from my Bro in a few weeks I am getting a bit concerned. So hopefully all is well with Donny!. I always call him my brother from another.

If i remember correctly his father passed not too long ago and I know that can throw a lot of curves at ya. I know from my own experience, when my dad passed in 17' he left a lot of irons in the fire, in addition to dealing with the grief of losing him. I had zero time for extra stuff for like a full year. So, hopefully Donny and his family are well and he will be back on here soon!
I sent him a PM a couple weeks ago noting his absence and wishing him the best. Whatever he’s going through must be hard, even for the IronMan.

God bless you, Donny.
Echoing everyone’s comments and intent:
Hope you and the family are doing ok after the loss of your dad. We definitely miss your zest for life here on the forum, Ironman!
He may be in Florida taking care of getting his parents place ready to sell. My best guess!!! I should have all CAPS THIS POST.
yeah .. I've wondered the same. I've been waiting on pic's of his truck. Donny, dude .. let me know if you're in Florida. I'm just across the bay .. not an hour away from your parents home.