Warranties and Build Priorities


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Mar 26, 2021
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Alright, short and to the point...

I’ve been asked and tried to find answers but I’ll put it to the group...

Your experience...?

1) “I went with” / suggested warranties
2) your build priority (2022’s)

Keep in mind... for question 2... while I know many are still waiting for their 21’s, we are now in the 2022 build world... 2021 experience is a factor but likely different for 2022...
Just my opinion, but based on advice from folks that work in the auto sales business, I don't buy add on warranties. They are primarily designed for dealer and company profit. The diesel diesel is the only thing that would worry me and it already has a 100k mile drive train warranty. Service plans are convenient but pricy and I prefer to do my own.
I went with a Ford ESP 7 yr / 125k mile warranty. I had a build priority of 11 on my 2020.
The 22' model year promises Sync 4 with a 12" screen. Add in a few different colors, you have a 22'. Extended Warranties .. thats on you, How long you plan on keeping it would be more of an indicator. I'm on my 4th Super Duty since 17'. Each one has had a couple of Cameras replaced, and Sync system seems to need Re-Booting about once a year. Along with the Driver Memory 1-2-3 feature. As far as being a good truck, mine have been excellent. The biggest issue I've seen is making sure to keep the moisture out of the Electronics, you should be good to go. On Diesels, the failures seem to be 90+% fuel related. I went back to gas on my Tremor. If you don't .. really .. need a Diesel, don't get one.