Vibration Issue 60mph+


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Nov 1, 2020
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Hey fellas,

Curious if anyone has had any issues with vibrations running BFG KO2’s? I’m trying to narrow it down. I’ve had the tires balanced 3 separate times at the same shop. 2 dynamic and one road force. Felt better after the road force but threw a weight less than a mile after i had it done.
I am running a Carli Commuter Level and Method Grids. All were installed relatively close and the vibration started shortly after. I have also noticed some uneven wear on the tires. I’ve alway run Toyo’s or Nittos and have never had any issues. Decided to give these a shot but I’m regretting my decision.

Just curious if anyone has had similar issues? It starts 60mph+ and seems to be fairly consistent. It’s better at times but always there. You can feel it in the seat and in the wheel. Long trips suck and it ends up giving me a headache. Truck was smooth as butter stock. Tire shop seems to think they nailed the balance. One of the tires is running 7-8oz of weight which seems excessive in my opinion. Hard to imagine it would be a sudden driveline or trans issue. Just looking for input and advice. Much appreciated. ???
KO2’s are notorious for being a pain in the ass to balance.

I know guys on the tundra forum that had to go a few times to balance as well as ordering new tires.