Upfitter switch wiring questoin


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Jul 27, 2021
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So I was watching a video on the F150 Leds webpage and the guy is hooking up a lightbr. He runs the power wire to the battery and has another wire to the upfitter switch.

I thought the upfitter would supply direct power. Do you need to run powerr to the battery or can you run it directly to the upfitter switch wire?

Everything I've run has power coming from the up fitter (other than my Viair which has a relay). Upffiter on one side ground on the other.
depends on the amp draw of the light bar. switch 1-4: 20A, switch 5-6: 40A
Most quality and modern light bars like BD and Rigid draw around 10-15 from what I've seen
Yep. To expand on things, the upfitter switches can power things directly, but there’s a limit. Switches 1-4 can supply up to 25 amps each, 5 and 6 up to 40 amps each.

If the load you’re trying to control exceeds what the switch can provide directly then you need to introduce a relay that the upfitter switch controls and get your own power directly from the battery.