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Jul 8, 2019
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Would anyone be interested in a revised Tremor decal on the side of the truck bed? Maybe something with some additional graphics and the text "TREMOR 4x4" or "TREMOR OFF-Road"? I'm open to other ideas, I just feel like something could be better then the stock decal.
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I'm taking mine off too, the tremor decal just looks out of place. I would have been happier if the called it FX 4 MaX
I dont mind it on the darker colors like my blue jean, somewhat subtle. Not a fan of big sticker call outs. Makes you too readily identifiable in a crowd or area. Been down that road ??
I have gone back and forth on taking mine off. I like it being identified as the Tremor, but not a fan of stickers. Also will probably keep the truck “forever” and wonder in 20 years if I would regret removing the Tremor moniker. We don’t really know how long or how many “tremor trucks” will be produced.
Maybe a simple 4x4 sticker under it would work...

Fx4T... That doesn't sound to bad. I prefer it to the tremor. I'm on and off the fence about taking it off
I remember reading an article that mentioned Ford was going to use the name FX4 Max. That had a good ring to it. I would like to see the Tremor become a model instead of just an add-on package.

Here's an idea for FX4T decal.
They could have done better with it. I will probably leave mine alone, I kept the red "4x4" on the back of my Chevy 3500HD even though it looked ridiculous on a black truck. They should have gave us an option for sticker delete or a graphic like the Raptors have ( but those are SVT ).
Definitely like the Roush graphics. I'd be up for something like that if we could get it from Ford
Could be worse I suppose......like "turd"......sorry TRD ;)
Turd...lol!! Here is a little inspiration. My buddy gets a new truck every year all tattooed up and I really like the look down the door jam if you like the decals. I’m on the fence myself with the decal. My guess is that I’ll pull it off over time. I like a clean look. Maybe a Tonka decal would be appropriate for this truck.


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