Unused PCOs?

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Oct 17, 2021
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Just a shot in the dark...

Anyone have a PCO they aren't going to use?

I'm picking up my truck next week.

PM details, thanks in advance for looking.
Having just purchased a KR Expedition for the wife and using a $2500 PCO I didn’t even know I had, they are very strict in use. It was in my name and I wanted to buy the vehicle in her name to get something active on her credit (been 10 years since her last credit use). They initially said no, only the named recipient could use it. I pushed back and they called Ford who did allow it to be transferred to her on the basis of same last name and address. Don’t know the rules beyond my experience, but passing the info along in case it’s helpful relative to your ask.
They can be used only by those in the same household (same address). The only way that someone could possibly give you a PCO would be if they ran into a pop up online and filled it in with your information.
Be aware too that a PCO is good whenever you place your order. Even if it expires before your truck shows up it’s valid as long as it was valid when you place your order. I had that exact experience and they honored it when my MY23 showed up to the dealership.
Haha….unfortunately I don’t amigo. Had to use the one I had on my own 23MY. If they throw another my way though I’ll keep you in mind.
PCO has to be in your name, they can look it up in the system if you have one. I used one on my 23 order. It expired back in April but since I ordered the truck before the PCO expired they will honor it on top of my X Plan pricing.
So... like... are you telling me that you don't have one for me?
I lot of people are getting PCOs, and I have one in my email right now that expires July 5th. However, as others have said, a PCO is a Personal Code from Ford that is only good for the person who received it. At the bottom of the email it says they are not transferable to anyone outside of your household.
Yep. Super strict. Transferable in household only. My mother in law lived with us for a while and had my wife’s maiden name. I had to provide my wife’s birth certificate showing the PCO was addressed to her mom, provide my marriage license with my wife to show the name change to mine and the connection to me and mail for all 3 of us to show we all were connected family and lived together. But, I got it through.