Understanding Payload and Towing


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Oct 27, 2020
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I found this interesting and figured I would pass it on.

Good post. This was one of the hardest things for me to get my mind around when I first started shopping for my 5er. Since the dealers of trucks and campers typcially will tell you that any 3/4 ton or bigger will pull about anything.
Great video. The KYD videos are extremely informative and well done. One thing I highly recommend everyone do is take your truck and trailer to a CAT scale and see for yourself how much weight is on your rear axle. Even if your trailer weighs half of the allowed weight in the ford towing guide, you may be hundreds of pounds overweight on your rear axle based upon the Rear GAWR printed on your door jam sticker.
The only way to know for sure is to stop at a scale and weigh.
My wife and I use this app to locate CAT scales...
And we use this app to pay and get our weigh numbers at the scale without having to go inside the truck stop.

Keep in mind that a weight distribution hitch will help reduce weight on your rear axle and airbags will actually increase weight on the rear axle.
If anyone has any questions about pulling a travel trailer, I’m happy to chat about it more!
this is something I want to study and learn more about


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