Tuning and transmission problems


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Apr 19, 2022
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I’m really looking into tuning my truck and I have about 26k miles on it. The one thing holding me back is how are the 10r140 transmissions doing with tuning? I would hate to tune it and then have the tranny go bad but not having a warranty anymore.
There was a guy on the forum who did a tune and his tranny crashed soon afterwards. He went on to blame ford for it of course, and the thread itself turned to shit and needed to be cleaned up by the mods but the larger point is the tranny might not hold up to the tune.

I understand the warranty concerns but with that a tranny tune makes a night and day difference. I had tune force truck to go through each gear vs skipping gears. The improvement is drastic
Man that sucks I really wanted to get some weight loss but I guess not yet. I came from Dodge hoping I’d be relieved of transmission problems lol 😂.
People don't understand "adaptive learning". Get ForScan so you can shut it off, see if that helps. At least I was reading that's possible with ForScan.
Mine’s had work done and a tune. I haven’t noticed any negative issues. I run 100hp setting everyday. Temps and everything is fine. When I bump it to the 200hp I can sometimes see increased temps, it significant, but I don’t drive around on that setting much anyway.
I just saw Randy’s transmission makes an upgraded one, in the Cummins world they were really making a name for themselves of building stout units, just don’t feel like dropping over 10k on it 🫤
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With the CDF DRUM issues. I wouldn't even think about risking my warranty...UNLESS, and until the drum problem was resolved and/or needed increased power