Trouble hearing me on the phone


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Mar 26, 2020
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South Carolina
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2020 F-250 7.3 Lariat Tremor
Hello all - I have a 250 Lariat about 6 weeks old and I have been having a lot of complaints from people that they have a hard time hearing me on the phone. Has anyone else experienced this? I have owned a 2017 and 2019 in the past and did not experience these problems. It's so bad most of the time I drive with a headset in so I can take phone calls... Any input is greatly appreciated!
My wife always says I sound like I am far away when using Bluetooth in my Tremor. I didn't have this issue in my 2018 Raptor. And it's the same phone.
as bad as it is on the Tremor my Jeep Rubicon is far worse. Agreed it is not so great. Maybe there is a setting or sensitivity, I haven't played with it enough
I have had nothing but compliments when I’m on the Bluetooth in my F250 lariat ultimate tremor. In fact one of my buddies today thought I was on my AirPods but I was really on the Bluetooth.

iPhone 11 Pro Max / AT&T
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After reading this post I finally made a call... no problem with the microphones. T-mobile Iphone for what its worth
Bought my 2020 F250 XLT Tremor with the 6.7 in July 2020. People say it is hard to hear on the phone, backup camera says, contact dealer-not working, seat belt chime not working. Putting Katzkin leather in it next week. I have about 1,500 street miles on it since I just enjoyed driving it and my girl just loves to go. Will have to see how things work out as it is at the dealership for repair today.