Tri Axle 5th Wheel Towing with a F350 Tremor


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Jun 18, 2020
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I am looking into getting a 5th Wheel toyhauler 42ft approx. Most of these toyhaulers are Tri axles in the 40ft range. My question for the 5th wheel guys is this. Can a F350 Tremor equipped with the 5th pkg tow a 42ft Tri Axle safely?
Depends on the hitch weight. Some big toyhaulers can have tongue weights exceeding your trucks capacity. Best to find a few toyhaulers you like and check the weight.
Ya i am totally looking into this now. I think 40ft+ might be more than my truck can handle. I am 3,171 lbs in payload.

16,000 lbs fully loaded trailer at 15% hitch weight = 2,400lbs.


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You will probably need to look into some light weight toy haulers. Just did a quick search.

17k lbs but 3155 hitch weight. You wouldnt be able to have any passengers or any gear.

Voltage :

over 3k hitch weight.
Your toy hauler will have a rated tongue/pin weight. Check with the manufacturer as they can range between 2500-3600 lbs.
Ya thanks. I was thinking the passenger weights, fuel, gear, weight of the 5th wheel hitch, tongue weight would put me over 3,000lbs.
I’ve been doing tons of research and finally just pulled the trigger on a 5th wheel toy hauler. IMO finding a triaxle fifth wheeler is going to be tough. Any hitch weight you see online is dry weight of the camper. Add roughly another 1500+lbs of freshwater, camping gear, essentials and the additional hitch weight will go up quick. Also depends if you are looking for a toy hauler or a “standard” 5th wheeler camper. I see ALOT of people on other forums towing tri-axles with SRW trucks but I can guarentee you more than half of them are well over their payload capacity and gvwr. I ended choosing a Momentum 320g cause it had a dry hitch weight of 2300lbs which in my opinion should be just at the max payload when it is fully loaded.