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Feb 7, 2020
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NEK, Vermont
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2020 ford super duty f350 lariat tremor/ sport
How about posting pictures of your tremors in action. Anything really, work, vacation, play!
I will start! We were running around for extra supplies ( for no current reason) and we went by an old covered bridge and I thought it was a photo opportunity!
Went up in the hills this AM to do some trail work. I don’t think my paint below the windows is going to last long.View attachment 1015
You should apply a clear vinyl sheet sticker below both off those back windows. If they get scratched up just peel off and apply new ones.
Picked up lumber to build planter boxes in case our veggie supply dwindles during these uncertain times. Don't worry, I'm getting her Line-x'd soon.

If only Fords had the multipro-carbonpro-Kicker audio pro-liftgate-hatchback-tailgate pro that GMs do, you could have properly secured that lumber simply by undoing 7 latches. And jammed out to tunes.
Does sitting in the parking lot at my office count as action? Seems like that’s all I do with this truck. Tires haven’t seen dirt since I bought this thing. Sad.

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