Tremors for sale in Nor Cal


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Jul 16, 2020
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Nor Cal
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I picked up my Tremor today after waiting several months for mine to be built. The dealer I got mine at had a stone gray Lariat, a silver XLT and a Blue Jeans XLT in stock. All were F-250 with Diesel engines. I have personally seen 4 others go through here in the past month or so and I think they ordered a bunch.

If anyone has been looking for one in Northern California and can’t find one, call Shannon Poteet at Ron Dupratt Ford in Dixon, Ca.

For the record, I get nothing from this. I just found their prices to be good and the experience dealing with Shannon was awesome (I hate buying vehicles in general). Tell her Aaron with the white XLT tremor says hello!
How do you like yours?
I literally only drove it 8 miles home then headed to work. I’ll get a better feel for it this weekend but so far no rattles, squeaks, clunks or hard downshifts that I’ve seen other people post about. I will say that a few people were looking at it during stoplights and I got a couple thumbs up from regular super duty drivers. I’m guys who got the lariat sport get tons of attention, I only have an XLT.
Nice, looks just like mine but with the diesel. Where at in Nor Cal are you? Looks like our numbers up here are growing.
Thanks for the heads up @Bruno - They are hard to find right now so I'm sure that will help someone locate one!
I’m near sacramento. I would have thought I’d have seen more tremors on the road for as popular as they are but I’ve only seen one in the wild.
DAng, they have a bunch of them.

Congrats! I deliver new Fords and usually finish my day at Ron Dupratt in Dixon and have delivered several Tremors in the past 2 months. I liked it so much I bought a silver f350 lariat tremor from them. They are a great dealer to work with! Brandon Caporale has sold me 3 vehicles and our family fleet is currently all Fords that we purchased from them.