Tremor Trail Control Demo (Video)

Great video, thanks for the details. Question: At around the 5:03 mark, there is a lot of metal clanking noise going on. It happens at other times as well during the demonstration. What was that?
My Air bags are disconnected on the bottom and rattle in that off camber position. Check out this video I made and you can see what I'm talking about.

Awesome videos! I was wondering the same thing with the noise, I was thinking it was the limited slip trying to engage on the front end.

Really appreciate you videos. They help us all understand these trucks a little better seeing a real world video demonstration.
Is there any documentation from Ford claiming that the truck is actually applying the brake to help with traction?

Jeep brags about their "Brake Lock Differential" but Ford says nothing about similar technology in their owner's manual or online.

Subaru does the same thing that Jeep does with their AWD system. I know from driving a Subaru, it's noisy and obvious when it applies the brake to a spinning wheel.