Tremor Sway Bar part number


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Jul 26, 2021
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Hi, I've got an F350 and generally use it for lighter duty purposes (Driving unloaded, Camping, Towing Travel Trailer) but do use it occasionally for heavier things (Firewood, Gravel). I've considered a carly sway bar but the price is non-trivial for me. I'd like to swap to a tremor sway bar to see if it makes enough of a difference for me to avoid the carli option. I'm having trouble finding the part number for the sway bar itself.

I'm hoping that someone would be able to write down the part number on the plastic tag attached to their tremor sway bar, or post a picture of the tag itself. If you're able to help, please post the number or a photo. Thanks!
I've struggled to find an exhaustive, and well organized set of exploded parts diagrams for the truck, usually falling back to the dealer parts websites like

Using the online parts diagram, I've identified at least 3 applicable options for 4wd trucks, but none seem to be what i'm looking for
  • HC3Z-5482-E - This is the stabilizer bar on my truck now, 28mm
  • 7C3Z-5482-C - Stabilizer for DRW applications, probably not the tremor part
  • 9C3Z-5482-A - Also appears to be listed for DRW applications
The dealer near me doesn't have any tremors in stock (not very surprising) So now i'm just messaging people selling tremor components on Craigslist/Facebook. I'll update again if i find more information
Update. I started bothering everyone i could find selling wheels and tires and found one a few hours away that had also swapped suspension. I bought the Stabilizer bar, Track Bar, Front Coils and Rear leafs. We'll see how they work out vs stock suspension. Currently the truck is an F350 with snowplow package, and has a steel bumper + winch installed, I'm not sure where the progressive rate front springs will stack up height wise after swapping them, or if the leafs coming from a truck with a DANA m275 will fit at all, but they seem pretty close based on a visual comparison.

Here's the Whole package:
Sticker on the Stabilizer (sway) bar. Somewhat suprised this is 25.4 and not 24.0, maybe a 2020 to 2021 change?
Part number: LC3C-5494-DA

Part number on the springs: LC3C-5301-ATA

I won't have time to install anything this week, but maybe next week. The stabilizer bar did not have bushings, so i'll have to source those first.
Got a chance to install some components over the weekend. The Stabilizer bar bushings from the tremor are physically larger than the ones for the 2011, But they bolted up just fine into the stock location. The bar is substantially similar in shape. I ended up getting a second tremor suspension from a buddy, but also identified that if you just have the bar, you can move straight across without the tremor bushings and the bushing:

The Stabilizer bar is much lighter than the 28mm bar, and my non-scientific testing, it did feel softer (less violent side-to-side)

Addiitonally, I installed the Tremor coil springs. The truck has a snowplow package from the factory, so i think i might have lost some ride height, even though the coil length is the same (does anyone know if the rates are different enough? i forgot to measure before and after). I'll probably leave them on for a bit and see if i get used to it.




Overall, the ride seems more compliant, and the various springs are 100k miles newer. The sway bar swap is under 20 minutes if you're doing it by yourself, Spring swaps are easiest if you pull the shocks and unbolt the lower spring mount before compressing the spring. I swapped things out in ~1.5 hours.

Still undecided about the rear springs, they seem identical, i might swap them anyhow just for newer bushings, but undecided. It's my understanding that there is no difference between the tremor leafs and standard super duty.