Tremor Secret Santa Wish list and What did you get Thread!!!


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Nov 26, 2022
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First let me tell all the Santa's that are participating THANK YOU! I think we are going to have a good time with this since this online community tends to be so positive as well as a pretty tight group!

Use this thread to post a list of truck mods, they can be as ambitious as you would like but dont expect to get expensive things only. Make sure your list has reasonable items in it(around the $30 min). But also post up hobbies, sports teams, things you enjoy doing with friends and family.

Finally this thread is for everyone to post pictures of their presents from their Secret Santa! This is a participation requirement as it will serve as verification that your SS came through and delivered.

Lets have some fun and spread some cheer!!
Couple things that if Santa wants to go WAY above and beyond. But truck stuffs is not required!

I'm a HUGE Clemson fan so any and everything Clemson is welcome. I'm a Saints and Braves fan as well.(if buying shirts 2XL please or hats they need to be XL too if they are flexy.)

I have lots of guns. Ammo can be .22LR, .380, 45LC, .410ga, 9mm, 40s&w, .45acp, .223, 5.56, and 5.7x28.

Any camping stuff is cool; knives, flashlights, and randomness for camping.

I'm a avid disc golfer so anything disc golf related.

I love our country, so American flag themed things would be appreciated.

Also anything local that may be unique or cool to your area would be neat!

Unrealistic wants - Rough Country Winch Mount, Ford Hood Insulation, Tuffy Console Safe with thumb code.

I have a wife and son(4 years old). So a gift or surprise for them/us could be better than anything for myself.

Also I've never drank and don't plan to so no alcohol or related products for me please.(um revision, mama likes red wine lol)

And in advance THANK YOU!

I know I'll enjoy whatever I receive!
This is going to be fun. I seem to have expensive hobbies (as my wife likes to regularly remind me). I am (very) slowly working on my pilot's license, just got scuba certified, and have a growing whiskey collection. Also enjoy cooking, grilling or anything that makes my tastebuds happy. I only have a 9mm, AR-15, and a 12ga. Looking at getting an AR-10 at the moment.

While everyone I've met on the forum has been really nice, I doubt y'all are willing to spend stupid amounts of money on Secret Santa. So I curated the least expensive items from what's remaining on my mods list and a few other non-Tremor items I've had my eye on. Not that I'd complain if someone bought me an ARB Twin Compressor, Apex Winch, Goreman Winch Mount, Borla S-type exhaust with black tips, Whipple supercharger, or a full Carli e-venture kit (that list got real expensive fast!).

Pizza Dough Box
Nesh Whiskey Chiller
Charvonia Design Bed tie-down anchors (Black)
NOONE Booster Jumper Cables Heavy Duty 2/0 Gauge 30 FT 1500 AMP with Quick Connect Plugs
Pro Installer 400A Class T Fuse Block
Wits’ end Air Coupler and SB175 bracket in front
SDHQ under bed air compressor mount
Kleinn 3 gallon air tank
Limitless Autoworks train horn integration harness
OnX6/S8/XL Upfitter Wiring Harness - Universal
Paclock locking hitch pin
Gotreads XL
Factor 55 Ultrahook
Factor 55 UltraHook Rope Guard

A bottle of wine or whiskey you enjoy is also great as we're always seeking out something new. Of course, don't feel obligated to stick to this list and I welcome creativity. Heck, even your favorite board game would be really cool. I also enjoy a good puzzle.... I've got layers :LOL: