Tremor or Non-Tremor


Aug 4, 2020
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So I've been surfing the forums for a couple days soaking up all the great info on here.
I'm considering buying a F250 and looking at the Tremor (6.7 Lariat) because I'm putting a 1,200lb Four Wheel Camper Hawk shell model in the back). My dilemma is I am planning on doing an additional 2" lift to fit at least 37" tires, adding a front air locker, and I kind of prefer the power running boards over the off-road running boards.
The question is (especially to those of you who have already significantly modified your Tremor), am I better off giving up the remaining Tremor features (crawl control/axle vent tubes) for $4,000 and building up from a FX4 package?
For what you are describing I see no reason to get the tremor package as you would basically be replacing everything it adds. I suppose if crawl control is worth 4k to you then go for it :)
I would not get the Tremor package if you are going to do all of that. Part of the cost is parts you will be paying extra for then tossing in the garage rafters.
Like others have said, get a non-tremor and lift it as you like. I came from two Raptors and to me it’s the same as some people who buy Raptors then switch out the suspension. Makes no sense to me. Just get a regular truck and customize it as you want and it will be as good or better than the off road version from Ford...
I don't think it's as easy a decision as most seem to. You'd still have to add the locker option to the Fx4. The crawl control works much better than I expected it to. I don't care how much off road driving prowess you have, you simply can't modulate the brakes and throttle like it can. Remember that "rock crawl" mode is separate and also Tremor exclusive (I haven't had the occasion to try that yet). Sure, you can always add axle vent tubes but a factory rating has some value. Tremor also gets you the wheel opening moldings (though obviously not the only way to get them), if that matters to you.
It looks like ARB is more than a year or two out in developing an air locker for the 2020 F250. I think I'm going to stick with the 35s on the Tremor for two years, and then do the lift to fit the 37s after I go through the 35s. That way I can just do the locker while I'm at it.