Tremor on "Tough as Nails" finale last night

Jamie R.

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Jul 13, 2020
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south ga
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I was watching the tv show "tough as nails' finale last night and the winner got a Tremor. Just wondered if anyone else saw the show.

Jamie R.
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Nope, have not heard of that show.
What is this "TV" you speak of?
never heard of it but dope prize
Haha, hey I dvr shows and then watch them later lol. Tough as nails was a competition of work related things and was in teams and then narrowed down to 3 to compete to be the winner. Ford was heavy in advertising for the show as there was super dutys all in the show. The end winner recieved 200k if im not mistaken and a new super duty. In the finale the super was what the 3 contestants had to climb up to after completing a number of challenges. When they showed a pic of the super duty I was like man thats a Tremor ! The show wasn't to bad, I just thought it was neat the winner got a super duty Tremor and the winner was a veteran which made it all better !