Tremor not showing in Ford Build Website


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Jul 1, 2021
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San Diego
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2022 F-250 Tremor 7.3L Stone Gray
Went back to the build site to dial in my last selections for a Tremor order planned to make on Friday with my dealer. It appeared to me I could not build a tremor any more. Can anyone confirm?
Shows up fine for me. Was the underlying truck correctly configured in your attempt? Crew cab, short bed, and SRW, with a trim level of XLT through Platinum?
Looks like that might have been the case! Looks like my newness is showing.
I’m in SoCal and had a heck of a time finding any dealers that would accept x-plan. Found 3 gentlemen that were straight talkers and said yes immediately when asked. Don’t mess with anyone that gives any excuse for not being able to offer x-plan. I heard all of the excuses and none of them add up!