Tremor Duty 6.7


Jun 17, 2020
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Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.
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2020 F250 Lariat - Tremor edition
Finally starting a build thread

Will repost mods I’ve done so far as well as new
and Tremor related activities .

Was able to get out and have some fun this weekend with the Tremor





BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount - 2015-2019 Ford F-150/Raptor, 2017+ F-250/F-350

67 Designs BuiltRight F-Series Upgrade Packs


67 Designs phone mount on BuiltRight dash mount. Also made some forscan changes to load screen etc

BuiltRight Industries Bedside Rack System 4pc Kit

— had to do some machining fit with tonneau cover since I didn’t wanna take it off but didn’t really lose anything in terms of functionality. Got a power tank and some other stuff for off road but haven’t even gotten a chance to really play yet

2018-2019 super duty cup holder

— pics below, but this actually fits my iPhone 11 Pro Max in the phone slot for anyone interested who may have the same seat configuration. **comes in gray, does require a little machining for cup section to fit the 2020 slot but install was quick. Exterior dimensions are the same as stock cupholder

Agency 6 recovery shackle block 2.5”
— visible in rear pic below.

Ronin - Ford short antenna

Auto Ventshade 753135 Aeroskin LightShield™ Hood Protector for 2017-2020 Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 SuperDuty


Fitment was so so. Body shop lost LED strip and they may have been rushing at the end so they took it off and rewrapped the hood. Another one ordered, on the way. Might put it back on or not, Will see

Black Rhino Abrams 18x9.5 wheels


Exterior vinyl wrap - 3M 2080 Black Satin




Interior vinyl wrap - 3M 1080 Black Carbon Fiber (door trim, cup holder)



Pedal commander
- easy install

CUSTOM Acrylic Cup Holder Inserts Late 2017-2020 Super Duty (PAIR) No Lights included!!!


What happens when you’re bored and order random stuff during covid

BuiltRight Industries Ford F-Series Rear Seat Release Kit

- dunno why but I struggled to get it to latch back at the end of install. Works fine now though

Factory installed

Retractable tonneau cover - same as retrax pro xr
- works well, no complaints other than it probably delayed build of truck at factory about ten days

Spray in bed liner
- meh. Next time will just go with linex after delivery.

Installed Amber S2 Pros in the pocket under the OEM Fog lights

Baja Designs
Baja Designs offers high performance LED lights and light bars for off road trucks, UTVs, and ATVs. Baja Designs is The Scientists of Lighting, contact us today for more info!


S & B filters CAI installed. Still drives like a Super Duty lol but there is slight change in the engine note that sounds better to me. It’s not overt but enough for me

Cold Air Intake for 2020 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L
Check out the Cold Air Intake for 2020 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L at S&B Filters
also installed Boosted GreyGoose Spot lamp low speed override adapter. No pics , pretty straightforward install. Really like the functionality afforded by this mod but you gotta remember to take them off as they don’t have an auto shut off

Spot Lamp Low Speed Override Adapter — Boosted GreyGoose Designs
If your truck has the oem spot lamps, then you already know that they are wired and programmed to automatically turn off above 5 mph! With this adapter they will stay on at any speed until YOU turn them off. 100% PnP on Lariat and higher trim levels……will also work on a truck that has the mirrors, d
I just realized I have been following you on instagram hahaha I was like I seen this truck somewhere and couldn't place it .... Hahaha ? saw one of your posts
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Carli Pintop 5.5 (really 3.5”) lift kit

Nitto Ridge Grapplers 37x12.50

Enjoyable so far . Did well off-road. Pintop is stiffer as it’s geared more towards off road but ride quality still good

What did you do with the rear suspension?
What did you do with the rear suspension?

Full progressive leaf pack. Will add air bags maybe sometime next year as I don’t have plans to haul anytime soon

can feel the stiffness in rear which felt good off-road but add a pack leaf springs may be better for smoother on road performance