Trailer Camera Setup Advice?


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Jun 12, 2020
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2020 F-350
I just purchased new a new truck, has the Ultimate Trailer Tow Package and is getting a B&W Turnover installed next week. The Dealer includes with the install a "standard" trailer connector installed in the bed for trailer. I use an Anderson 5th Wheel hitch and have the same setup on my old truck, so I know I am set for everything to tow.

What I am after is setting up a camera on the back of our 40 foot Toy Hauler and having it connect to the in bed plug. Reading this forum it sounds like what I need is to:

1. Replace the "standard" plug in the bed, with the camera and trailer connectors. It looks like this is the part I want:

2. Purchase the Camera Kit, this looks like the right part (Camera only):

3. My trailer is 40' so it sounds like I need this extension: not super clear on where it extends...

I am curious if anyone has gone through this whole process of setting this up and what your feedback is. Mostly concerned about getting the right parts, but then about how you like it and if it is difficult to install the trailer camera. Running the cable from the rear to the truck will be interesting.

Appreciate any and all advice or feedback!