Trail control mode 6.7 Power stroke


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May 24, 2020
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Anyone of you use your trail control mode much?

I live about 1/8 of a mile at the end of a dirt road and at times it can get pretty muddy and full of potholes. I choose to use trail control mode to crawl down the road without me having to feather the throttle. Usually between 4 and 8 mph depending on road conditions. Rather than using the brakes to slow the truck down from 8 Miles per hour to say 5 mph to navigate some potholes I hear a ratcheting/grinding sound coming from the front end when I drop speed more than a couple miles per hour. Any one of you ever noticed this also? And is this normal?
Yeah thats normal, it applies the brakes for you....some weird noises can happen in trail control.
I also discovered in trail control mode 4 high at 2-3 kph when it slows then accelerates a front end? sound that I didnt like. Doing the same in 4 low no noise. Also in 4 high or low not in trail control it has performed flawlessly.
That ratcheting should be the abs system applying the brakes for you. If you’ve ever done an emergency stop in any other vehicle you should have had the same noise and a weird pulsation in the peddle.
I used TCM recently offroad on some steep dirt roads and heavy rock sections. I was extremely impressed.
During hunting season this past fall I experienced thae noise you are reffering to. Freaked me right out until I got home googled it then referred to the manual where it actually tells this is normal.