Tow and mpg review of F250 7.3 Tremor

what do you get for mpg on daily driving?
One of the best if not the best towing review of 7.3 I've seen. Can't believe how that thing holds 10th at 75mph.
Check this out. 7.3L towing massive 24K trailer with tractor. Way over the limits but even does it with 373 gears in the Rockies.
Pulled my 8k travel trailer to the beach and back recently and the mpg is getting better, not sure why... Now that it has 10k mi on it I am getting 10.5 mpg on the interstate at 70mph, the last trip with about 5k mi on it I would struggle to get 9 mpg. Im pretty pleased with it to be honest, my 5.9 Cummins was around 11-12mpg with the same load on the same route. I am not a big fan of how the 10 speed shifts at low speeds empty, but its flawless with a trailer hooked up.