Tonneau Cover Track Mounting with Nutserts


Aug 21, 2020
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Spokane WA
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Installed my Truxedo Sentry yesterday and used the 6 clamps provided to hold the tracks to the bed of the truck. Was contemplating getting it just how I want it on a warmer day and then making it easier to remove and reinstall/line up. Has anyone used nutserts mounted to the lip of the bed rail and bolts to mount the tracks instead of just the clamps? I was just curious if people thought there was enough metal on the lip to put the nutsert in and not have the aluminum weaken.

Thanks - Erik
@ibeb I've only used clamps for tonneau covers and truck caps. That said, I've used nutserts for installing a fold-up license plate mount (over winch) and installing an air compressor bracket in my engine compartment. Both seem to be working well so far. I'm not sure of the exact load ratings, but I know they get used for some pretty big loads. I know uses them to attach boxes and fuel transfer tanks for flatbeds. I'd say just make sure you use big enough nutserts and enough nutserts.
Thanks. I have a bunch and used them when mounting flag fenders on my Jeep. I haven't dug int it too much yet, the clamps are already there and working, but may once it warms up and I have some time.