Tires and wheels

I ran 37's (with a 0 offset) on my 2018 with only a 1.5" level -- which, according to measuring the fender heights is within .25" of my Tremor. I didn't add any bump stop so I had the same up-travel as a stock truck. I had to cut quite a bit of the fender liner, and the back of the fender (ie, metal) at the rear of the opening to keep it from rubbing when turning and compression (pulling into a drive way). A level/lift without bump stop extensions will not allow for any bigger of a tire than a stock height truck -- the tire still stops in the same place on the up travel. So, if it'll fit with a level, it'll fit stock. You just can't be afraid to get creative with a grinder. A wise man once said "the first cut is the hardest, the second cut is the biggest."