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Jul 8, 2019
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Has anyone made adjustments to the stock tire pressure for a better highway ride? I've seen some guys on facebook drop it from 60/80 to 60/60 unloaded.
I just logged 750 miles on mine this weekend. A very non-scientific approach is to see the contact pattern on the treads, and the rear does not contact the outer lugs for about 1.5" either side of the sidewall. I am still at the stock 83psi on the rear, 64psi on the fronts. I am going to lower the rears to match the fronts and see what that does. Maybe it will help my oil slick roads wet traction too?

I did put the truck on eco-mode and cruised to see my youngest daughter in college. 19.5mpg average at the posted speed limits.

Now you guys have me thinking... what about when I air down for off-road? Am I going to have a warning light on the whole time?
I pick up my truck Tuesday and am thinking of lowering the pressures right there. The ride home is 60 miles and our paved roads are not that kind this time of year!

My current truck has 35x12.50x20 and I run 65 in them, no light.

I would like to lower them as much as possible with out the light coming on. Does anyone know what pressure the light comes on?

Light comes on under 60 for me. It’s very easy to adjust that using forscan so you can get rid of the light

I’m running 48f\42r. I have load range F Ridge Grapplers. Unloaded of course.

I would suggest going to Toyos website and downloading the tire flotation chart. My truck, an 350 Tremor 7.3 weighs approx 3100 R and 4100 F. Based off that, you can easily determine what pressure you need to run for the load each axle is carrying. Make sure and add in a safety factor in case you have a blowout and one tire has to carry more of the weight.

Obviously a diesel weighs more.

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Shoot... when my truck gets here I'm thinking I'll run about 40 psi front and rear unloaded. I don't need it to run like a rock hard tank. I will do the chalk test to get the PSI right though.
I’m an old school kind of guy and still on the fence of the Forscan thing. I will probably try the 65 psi and see how the Duratracks do. I’m thinking they have a softer side wall?

I have a slide in utility cap and estimate it to weigh 2000#. My ridge grapplers and trail grapplers both wore pretty even at that pressure.

The good out of this might be that this pushes me over the edge and learn the techie stuff to set my pressures right!
Dropped mine to 55 and 60 today.
I would think the front axle has more weight when unloaded, so front tires should have a little more air than rear tires. I'm at 60 all around right now. This is completely unscientific, but one observation is when tires are properly inflated the have a very slight sag outwards where they're touching the ground.
I posted a load inflation table in another thread. Non diesel is 4100f 3100r. Diesel is about 5100F. Just use that chart to figure out how much psi you need. Add an additional 800lbs to each axle for a safety margin and do the math. You'd be amazed at the ride difference doing from 70lbs to 50.

I run 48F42R unloaded. Carli has a really good write up on their site about tire pressures. Anyone with a tiny bit of interest in this subject would benefit from reading it.

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this? Rides like a damn brick on wheels.
Set them to 60 front 50 back. Low pressure light on.....


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