Tire deflator


Tremor Buff
Jan 25, 2020
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So all the deflators I see only go to 60 or 65 PSI but our rears are 75+. Does it mater if the gauge doesn’t go high enough (for starting pressure) as long as the PSI we want to air down to is on the gauge?

Sorry, new to the 4wd game and the HD truck game lol
I just hold the tire pressure gauge on the schraeder valve enough to let the air out and keep checking pressure from time to time.

I know I'm not answering your question but since your new to 4wd/hd trucks......unless your carrying a load you shouldn't have anywhere near 75 psi in your tires. There is another thread on this forum about the subject so I won't derail this thread any more than I already have. :sneaky:
Oh that’s the plan. I have 80 in the rear and want to drop as low as I can without setting off the TPMS
Another option is to run the correct pressures and adjust the tpms using forescan so there isn’t a warning light. It’s quite easy to do.
Look at longacre. They’re an American company and they make their gauges right here in the Usa. They supple gauges to nascar teams and have super accurate gauges. The have models that go up to 100psi and have high speed deflation valves.

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